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ArcServe15 SCSI-Error (on HP servers)

ArcServe15 ran into a SCSI error after backing up some GB. I got these error messages in the ArcServe Log: E3719  Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=TESTTAPE [S/N: ], EC=Hardware Error) E6304  Unexpected SCSI Sense Code[ABSL:3040 CMD<WRITE> SC:28h 40] I … Continue reading

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ArcServe 15 “Database Operations Fails”

I installed ArcServe15 on a new W2k8R2 server today. Within the setup process I defined the backup user “arcserve” that has Domain-Admin rights. After finishing the installation I tried to format a tape but it failed with the errormessage: Device … Continue reading

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