Operation could not be completed (Error 0x00000057) when adding new printer (driver)

This error occured after I messed around with printer drivers – perhaps I deleted a little bit too much in the registry. Whatever – it was not possible to add a HP Universal Printer Driver to the PC. I always ended up with the errormessage mentioned above. I had no problems installing other printer drivers.

I’ll make it short:
I ended up in renaming the following files in %systemroot%\system32\driverstore:

  • infcache.1
  • infpub.dat
  • infstor.dat
  • infstrng.dat

Before I was able to rename these files I had to take Ownership of these files. I really don’t know if it was a good idea to rename the files but afterwards it was possible to install the Printer Driver and the system is still up and running. And… I had to reinstall other printer drivers too.

So if anyone has more info about these files… let me know.


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6 Responses to Operation could not be completed (Error 0x00000057) when adding new printer (driver)

  1. aamjohns says:

    I have been having this issue also. What I found is you just add administrators to the security of the .dat files and give them full control. You should then be able to install the print driver. So this only happens with the HP Universal driver? I believe we have seen this with other drivers but I need to watch more closely and see if it is just the Universal driver. In case you are interested I also have a blog post about this: http://tobias-tobin.blogspot.com/2011/07/windows-7-printer-driver-installation.html

    • Thank You for the info.
      In my case I couldn’t see any “Access denied” results in Procmon. On the affected computer it only happend to the HP UPD. I tried with another driver (Ricoh or so) and I did not have that issue.

  2. Dinesh says:

    it’s not work for me..

  3. MASTechi says:

    your suggestion worked for me by adding admin group to those files
    thank you very much!!

  4. foobar says:

    re-naming the files worked for me
    windows created new ones when the printer installed.

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