ArcServe15 SCSI-Error (on HP servers)

ArcServe15 ran into a SCSI error after backing up some GB. I got these error messages in the ArcServe Log:

E3719  Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=TESTTAPE [S/N: ], EC=Hardware Error)
E6304  Unexpected SCSI Sense Code[ABSL:3040 CMD<WRITE> SC:28h 40]

I checked the drive with HP LTT and wrote a few hundred GB on the tape without getting any errors. All other tests passed, too.

CA support sent me the following article which finally solved the problem:

Or check the picture (put the SCSI Information agent from the left side to the right side):

Backup runs like hell now.

BTW: Disabling the HP Management SCSI Information Agent also speed up the Data Protector on an other customers site.

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6 Responses to ArcServe15 SCSI-Error (on HP servers)

  1. David Lee says:

    You are great!

  2. DRdR says:

    Hey, I came across this page trying to solve this same problem, and I have to say that this didn´t work, Arcserve came up with the same mistake no matter how many agents I disabled. In the end, I had to uninstall all HP Agents in order for Arcserve to work. I´ll try to reinstall the agents and run some more tests to see if I can make them work again, because this configuration was working perfectly under Windows 2003; problems started when we migrated to Windows 2008. Arcserve version was r15.1 in both installations. Anyway thanks for the advice and happy new year!

  3. Sebastian Valdes says:

    I still have the error on CA ArcServe after disabling the SCSI Information Service…

  4. Fab says:

    Disable ” SCSI Information “, not ” iiSCSI Information “

  5. Dale says:

    Great tip – worked for us immediately folliwng those steps.

  6. Feez says:

    It works! Thanks for the solution.

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