ArcServe 15 “Database Operations Fails”

I installed ArcServe15 on a new W2k8R2 server today. Within the setup process I defined the backup user “arcserve” that has Domain-Admin rights. After finishing the installation I tried to format a tape but it failed with the errormessage:

Device <2> failed
Database operation fails

While checking the SQL Express Permissions I found out that the “arcserve” User was not listed in the logins of the database. But the user belongs to the group “Builtin\administrators” Anyway I added the “arcserve” user to the logins and the error went away.

ArcServe is installed on a Domain Controller maybe it has something todo with that. I didn’t have the time for further investigation.

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3 Responses to ArcServe 15 “Database Operations Fails”

  1. DC says:

    In Windows 2008 server:
    ..\Control Panel\User Accounts\”Turn User Account Control On or Off”\
    > Uncheck the box “Use User Account Control to help protect your computer”, reboot.

  2. Gilson says:

    Thank you for the tip! It worked perfectly! if not your help would be hours looking for this problem!

  3. MarSaBia says:

    Excelente, muchas gracias, funciono OK.

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