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HP Data Protector Backup slow (on HP Servers)

Well, there might be a few hundred reasons why the Backup is slow. But if you’ve tried everything else you might want to check this setting: Or check this article (even it is from CA): Saved me 5h of … Continue reading

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ArcServe15 SCSI-Error (on HP servers)

ArcServe15 ran into a SCSI error after backing up some GB. I got these error messages in the ArcServe Log: E3719  Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=TESTTAPE [S/N: ], EC=Hardware Error) E6304  Unexpected SCSI Sense Code[ABSL:3040 CMD<WRITE> SC:28h 40] I … Continue reading

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Slow Mousepointer in VMware Console on Windows 2008 (R2)

Bad mouse “performance” can be caused by the wrong mouse driver. The mouse driver should be “VMware Pointing Device”. It seems like the VMware mouse driver is installed on the VM but not used. I had to manually change the … Continue reading

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ArcServe 15 “Database Operations Fails”

I installed ArcServe15 on a new W2k8R2 server today. Within the setup process I defined the backup user “arcserve” that has Domain-Admin rights. After finishing the installation I tried to format a tape but it failed with the errormessage: Device … Continue reading

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